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About us

In the direct vicinity of many major German sports federations, the Hesse State Sports Association, the Hesse Olympic Training Center and the German Olympic Sports Confederation, you will find the Sportklinik Frankfurt at Otto-Fleck-Schneise 10, opposite the Eintracht Stadium.


To practice good and successful sports medicine, you need a team of internists and cardiologists, as well as experienced specialists for reliable performance and health diagnostics. Orthopedists and physiotherapists are also needed for the prevention and therapy of muscle and joint impairments. We support athletes in their preparation for Hessian, national and international championships and for the Olympic Games. We are available to athletes of the federal squad, state squad athletes as well as athletes active in clubs and athletes not affiliated with clubs. The activities of the regional sports medical examination centers in Hesse are coordinated by us. We are thus jointly responsible for the comprehensive examination of athletes, especially young athletes in Hesse.


Supporting association Sportklinik Frankfurt

The Sportklinik Frankfurt e. V. is run by a non-profit association. This association provides the connection to the sports associations and clubs and forms the organizational basis of the sports clinic. Members of the association are recruited from many Hessian sports associations. The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. It operates selflessly and the executive committee performs its tasks on an honorary basis.


Its tasks are financed in particular by subsidies, donations, sponsoring and income from sports medical care.


The Executive Committee consists of the President Dr. Norbert Englisch and the Vice Presidents Thomas Seybold, Alexander Enderes, Stefan Sauer and Lutz Arndt (as of June 2022).