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Examination after coronavirus infection

A coronavirus infection with various symptoms such as cold symptoms or more severe impairments leads to a break in training. Often there is the question, especially with subsequent reduction in performance, whether organic changes such as inflammation of the heart muscle are present and how training should be rebuilt (Return-to-sport). For this purpose, we have been conducting a follow-up examination since 2020 according to the Recommendations for Return -to-Sport after COVID-19-Consensus. This includes a medical discussion on the course of the disease and any remaining impairments, a resting ECG, a lung function examination, a heart ultrasound (heart echo) and a blood test (especially inflammation parameters and heart muscle parameters). If the results are unremarkable, a stress ECG is performed in a 2nd appointment. Here, in addition to the performance, the continuously recorded ECG under stress and several blood pressure measurements are assessed.


In the synopsis of all findings, a training recommendation is made according to the guidelines of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). Private health insurances usually cover the costs, please clarify the coverage of costs in advance. For athletes with statutory health insurance, this is a self-pay service. We will be happy to inform you about the costs in advance by telephone.